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I finally got around to creating my own blog so as WordPress would say: “HELLO WORLD”! This is my first official post on JulienBrandt.com/blog

Lets not get ahead of ourselves though. Just because I took 15 minutes to create a wordpress blog does not mean that I should expect to have an instant global audience. Despite what WordPress would like us to think, the world is not listening (at least not yet). 😉

A quick look at this amazing social media infograph below will make anyone realize that there is a LOT of competition out there. This chart shows us just how much activity is taking place online every single minute of every single day. For example, there are  over 50 WordPress downloads every minute. Crazy!

My advice if you hope to actually get some eyeballs on your website… Be unique and find a niche. Creating an online presence takes hard work, countless hours and determination.. To stand out from the crowd you need to have something genuinly intersting to offer up…

So whats my strategy you ask? Well, my intention is to use this blog as a personal diary to help me catalog all the amazing places I go and want to go… It is going to be my outlet for everything I find to be interesting.

I am guessing it will not appeal to a huge audience but thats OK because really this is intended to help me keep organized and chronicle my life. Based off my interests you can expect to see blog posts related to the following (but dont hold me to it):

– Social Media resources, tips and tricks (since I own an online marketing company OrganikSEO.com)
– Local SEO  and “Google Places” info (since my company also specializes in local seo for small businesses)
– Sustainability and Environmental awareness
– Traveling
– Food, restaurants, wineries, beer gardens…


– Julien Brandt


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