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Ask yourself, does your TO DO list really work for you in its ability to keep you organized, efficient and effective? If you answered no than the following tip on how to prioritize your daily TO DO list might be helpful.

Background: In my case, I used to catch myself creating such a long and daunting (ongoing) TO DO list that I rarely looked back at it once I had added a task to the TO DO list. I realized that this was happening because in the back of my mind I figured that as long as I put it on the list I could postpone it without forgetting about it. I figured that the fact that it had been documented meant that I would at least remember it and it would eventually get done. This is a BAD habit because tasks continued to pile up (especially the ones I did not want to do)!

The process below has helped me stay on task and prioritize the most important items on my TO DO list each and every day:

Spend 10 minutes each morning creating a hand written TO DO list ranked in order of what is most important to get done THAT DAY! Remember that this list is only things that you can actually see yourself getting done that day. Also be sure this list is hand written because the process of writing down and oranizing will help you figure out how to prioritize your TO DO’s.

When you sit down to create your daily TO DO list take a look at your schedule for the day and consider what is MOST important. Also consider how much time you actually have in your day so that you can be realistic about how much you can actually get done in a day. Be sure to prioritize your list based on the most important tasks first.

That being said I would not actually start with the first (and most important item on the list). Instead, choose the one thing you are most apprehensive about and do it first thing in the morning. Why? Because momentum has tremendous power and if you start off with a difficult or dreaded task your day can only get better from there!

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