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Posted on 18. Oct, 2012 by in hacks

If for some reason you want to make sure the search engines don’t index your website here is a simple line of code you can add to your .htaccess file in order to tell the search engines that they should not index your site.

To do this download your .htaccess file via FTP, add the line of code below exactly as it appears and re-upload the htaccess file!
(it’s that easy)

Header set X-Robots-Tag “noindex, nofollow”

Why would you not want to be indexed? Good question… For the most part there is no reason to try and aviod beeing indexed but in some cases its important. For example, when we build out websites we often tput the initial drafts on a subdirectory so the client can access a live comp. However if the search engines were to find this URL and index it than the clients primary site after being launched live would appear to be a duplicate of our testing URL. For this reason there is no reason for the search engines (or anyone without a direct link) to access this URL.

Hope this helps!

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