Google authorship ranking example

Setting up and testing Google Authorship

Posted on 20. Feb, 2013 by in SEO, tools

Many people are recognizing the importance of properly setting up “Google Authorship” so as you begin to try and set it up this handy tool can help you check to make sure you have properly set up Authorship for your domain. The tool is within Google Webmaster tools and it will show you how your search engine results will display in Google (including your Google Authorship results).

This tool allows you to run realtime tests to see how an authorship result will look within the SERP’s. You can then make changes as needed and see the how the changes will affect your results (in real time) without having to wait for the page to get indexed:

Structured Data Testing Tool

Below is an example of what a Google Authorship ranking looks like:

Google authorship ranking example

Hope this helps!

– Julien



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  1. Hope

    12. Mar, 2013

    I agree that rel=author should be added to every blog, no quioetsn about it. When people are searching for posts that commonly surround blog content they really want to know who the author is. That will increase CTR. While we dont know if it helps rankings, at least we know it helps clicks! Great post. Agree!

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